Sunday, September 27 @ 4:00pm

A-Frames and Tube Drains



Simon Cotter | 1:16

A collection of quick cuts from an unnamed surf break giving a condensed “day in the life” peek at the spot’s colorful activity. With cameos from pros Joel Parkinson, Owen Wright and Cucalorus alum Cyrus Sutton, this is some lively short attention span theater.



Tyler Dunham | 14:11

Khadjou Sambe was the first woman to surf in her hometown of Dakar, Senegal. In doing so, she emerged from a patriarchal system to become an icon for black women surfers everywhere and pave the way for the next generation. Season 3 of Transformed focuses on how women like Khadjou are lifting each other up and impacting the communities around them through surfing.


Lo Que Hay

Sean Santiago | 7:43

Narrated by Juan Carlos Gerena, “Lo Que Hay” highlights the natural beauty of his hometown of Isabela, Puerto Rico and calls for environmental consciousness as a response to the threat of development on the island.



Logan Marshall | 12:56

A Logan Marshall film produced by Eyewonsea Cinema filmed completely in 2020 on the Outer Banks of NC and the North Shore of Oahu. Logan created this video to bend the reality of a surf video through sonic effects and visuals


Locals of Pavones

Lorena Montenegro | 33:14

Hidden in the southern tip of Costa Rica, in a dense rainforest that is home to one of the world’s greatest biodiversity, Pavones has remained for years as a stronghold of the most adventurous travelers.
But this quiet fishing village sees its tranquility shaken when the swell brings waves more than 1 kilometer long. Reflecting the strong environmental awareness that makes Costa Rica a model country in sustainability, the lightness of the Pura Vida way of living in harmony with nature dictates the rhythm of the documentary.