9th Annual Surfalorus Film Festival

The 9th Annual Surfalorus Film Festival, presented by Come Hear NC, is a wave rider’s dream, featuring deep dives into surf history, celebrations of female surfers, films by today’s best surf filmmakers, and foreign language contributions from wherever there’s swell across the planet. Kicking off with a drive-in screening on Thursday, September 24th, the remaining films will be streamed online with some super secret surprise guests! Throughout the festival, we’ll be screening interviews and Q&As with various filmmakers, surfers and surf culture figures. So drive up or tune in for this amazing collection of surf oriented film, brought to you by Come Hear NC, the Cucalorus Film Foundation, and the Dare County Arts Council.

Check out our schedule below!

A-Frames and Tube Drains:

Thursday, September 24 @ 7:00pm – Drive-In Screening

Daydreaming | Simon Cotter | 1:16

Émerger | Tyler Dunham | 14:11

Lo Que Hay | Sean Santiago | 7:43


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Abeyance | Logan Marshall | 12:56

Locals of Pavones | Lorena Montenegro | 33:14

Paddle Out, Pop Up, Pull In:

Friday, September 25 @ 8:00pm Online Screening

Le Chéile | Kev Smith | 5:00

roam. | Michel Garcia Samino | 17:00

Collectors Vol. 1 | Anthony Gentile | 11:00

The Armstrongs | Egon Feiner | 12:35

Sawubona | Tyler Dunham | 14:13


Saturday, September 26 | 8:00pm Online Screening

Legacy ~ Surfing Now and Then | Boa Onda Productions | 42:16


Saturday, September 26 | 10:00pm Online Screening

Great Highway | Mark Gunson | 1:28:00

A-Frames and Tube Drains:

Sunday, September 27 @ 4:00pm – Online Screening

Wahine Wave Hogs:

Sunday, September 27 @ 8:00pm Online Screening

Sea Salt Wind | Dan Sellers | 28:26

Tofino Is A Place | Ryan Struck | 4:30

Just Go Fucking Surfing | Juul Hesselberth | 27:05