A Surfer’s Search

Directors: Kevin Steen, Shabier Kirchner (DP)

Runtime: 3:47

Erik Wilkie, reflects on his love for surfing in the Great Lakes


Directors: Michel Garcia, Mathilde Saint-Arroman

Runtime: 26:00

In the heart of the French Para Surf team. Meeting with some atypical athletes during the World Championship, just a short period before France got under lockdown. Tension, doubt, confidence and happiness dictated the 10 days spent in California, just before the world’s pandemic. When some “different” athletes go beyond their limit to get medals.
A surf adventure, a life adventure.


Director: Shin Aoki

Runtime: 15:39

The Urushi Alaia Project is based on a foundation of appreciation and respect for both nature and surfing. Surfing enthusiasts from Japan, Australia and America are working together to establish and maintain a beautiful world, a sustainable environment and a responsible society that can be passed on to the next generation.

Charlie Surfer

Director: Pia Strømme

Runtime: 18:00

Charlie is 10 years old and diagnosed with Aspergers. He is proud of his diagnosis but sometimes he wishes he could be more like the other boys in his class. Feeling different makes him feel left out at times. Because of his Aspergers Charlie struggles with team sports. But he has found two things he loves to do, surfing and dancing. We follow Charlie through ups and downs at this year’s surf camp.

Ebb and Flow

Director: Alice Ward

Runtime: 12:55

Follow the experiences of three fearless females and their love for the surfing waters off the west coast of Ireland. 


Director: Timothy Hay

Runtime: 5:13

This short film shares a perspective of shift towards a conscious lifestyle through the heart of Richard Kidd. The intention, to inspire beings to re-create their personal relationship to and with the present moment.

Maybe one day

Director: Angelina Owino

Runtime: 8:16

In Klitmøller the sea is the local community center. It is where all the social life is. Angelina is struggling to become a part of that community. 

Out Front

Director: Logan Marshall

Runtime: 12:35

Out Front, created to celebrate core surf communities around the world by showcasing their unique wavescapes, culture and local surfers — filmed by local filmmakers. There’s a lot more to the Outer Banks of North Carolina than a few salty miles of Cape Hatteras real estate, OBX propaganda and pirate lore. Young local filmmaker and proud ‘townie’ Logan Marshall hunted high and low — and steep and deep — to unearth a fresh perspective on a historically enchanting place.



Director: Keith Ketchum

Runtime: 3:47

Kauai Hawaii, while known for its garden of Eden-like beauty, has a handful of underrated, under-the-radar world-class rippers. They’ve been groomed over the shallow razor-sharp reefs and under heavy barreling sections that wrap around the island yearly. Here’s a handful of sessions from one summer on the South shore with Kuio Young. Unknown, unsponsored and unbelievable in the water, he deserves some recognition.


Director: Blake Ennis

Runtime: 2:34

Music video for, “Shine,” the Mighty Olas first single off their new album, Scenes from the Aquarium, featuring women’s longboard surfing champion Callie Summerlin.


Director: JP Lewis

Runtime: 3:52

From losing his home in the 2004 Tsunami as a child to becoming a free surfer as an adult – We journey through a Sri Lankan surfers relationship with the ocean. An exploration of life and spirituality


Director: Amanda Prifti

Runtime: 8:00

A short, poetic surf film reflecting on navigating the COVID pandemic in Sri Lanka. It was a year that presented challenges and opportunities for everyone, despite our unique circumstances. But there was always something to find solace in. For us, it was the sea.

Sombrio Surf

Director: Tara-Lee Novak

Runtime: 3:21

Sombrio Beach on Vancouver Island made headlines in the late ‘90s when its community of squatters was evicted. But the 13 years that Leah Oke spent surfing daily at Sombrio, solidified her future as one of Canada’s pioneers in cold-water surfing. She would go on to overcome unthinkable tragedy and become an inspiration to female surfers across the country.

We are like Waves

Director: Jordyn Romero

Runtime: 13:00

WE ARE LIKE WAVES is an intimate look into how surfing changes Sanu’s life, documenting the struggles and breakthroughs of becoming a female Sri Lankan surfer.