Director: Logan Marshall

Runtime: 12:56

A Logan Marshall film produced by Eyewonsea Cinema filmed completely in 2020 on the Outer Banks of NC and the North Shore of Oahu. Logan created this video to bend the reality of a surf video through sonic effects and visuals

Collectors Vol. 1

Director: Anthony Gentile

Runtime: 11:00

In search of one of a kind, rideable art, 3 strangers illustrate a craft surfing community by telling a universal story of friendship and the desire for fun.

Day Dreaming

Director: Simon Cotter

Runtime: 1:16

Director Simon Cotter assembles a collection of quick cuts from an unnamed surf break giving a condensed “day in the life” peek at the spot’s colorful activity. With cameos from pros Joel Parkinson, Owen Wright and Cucalorus alum Cyrus Sutton, this is some lively short attention span theater.


Director: Tyler Dunham

Runtime: 14:11

Khadjou Sambe was the first woman to surf in her hometown of Dakar, Senegal. In doing so, she emerged from a patriarchal system to become an icon for black women surfers everywhere and pave the way for the next generation. Season 3 of Transformed focuses on how women like Khadjou are lifting each other up and impacting the communities around them through surfing.

Great Highway

Director: Mark Gunson

Runtime: 1:28:00

Great Highway traces the history of San Francisco surfing and the beach lifestyle from past to present and explores the changes that time reveals. The history is told by those who lived it, from the lifeguards at the historic Fleishhacker Swimming Pool to surfing pioneer and wet suit developer Jack O’Neill, to the kids growing up surfing the Bay Area today.

Just Go Fucking Surfing

Directors: Juul Hesselberth

Runtime: 27:05

Although more women are surfing, their stories still remain rarely told. What does the marketed ‘sexy surfer girl’ image do with women who never felt like they suited this image? How has this influenced their career and self-esteem? For her ethnographic documentary ‘Just Go Fucking Surfing’ Juul Hesselberth spent three months in Australia, where she followed four female pro surfers whom pursue(d) a surfing career. This film moves through the online representations to the lived reality of female athletes.

Le Chéile

Director: Kev L Smith

Runtime: 5:00

Le Chéile is a short film about how individuals living in a town, help shape that area, people & society around them. The film features Lahinch Local surfer Ollie O Flaherty & a host of his friends that live in Lahinch. Filmed on location in Lahinch, County Clare Ireland. The music for this film was recorded live in Kennys, the local pub by The O’Connell brothers who are good friends of Ollie. The name of the song is ‘Liscannor Bay’. Liscannor Bay is the Bay that Lahinch is located in & contains some of the counties best reef breaks. Le Chéile is the Irish word for together.

Legacy ~ Surfing Now and Then

Director: António Matos da Silva

Runtime: 42:16

As the sport grows, more and more people surf. Do the surfing legends still relate to what pro surfing as become? Will Surfing be as mainstream as other sports? Can you teach the Aloha Spirit to mainlanders and surfers from new demographics? Meet the surfing pioneers while they compete for a World Title in the Azores islands and get to know their views on what is still to come.

Lo Que Hay

Director: Sean Santiago

Runtime: 7:34

Narrated by Juan Carlos Gerena, “Lo Que Hay” highlights the natural beauty of his hometown of Isabela, Puerto Rico and calls for environmental consciousness as a response to the threat of development on the island.

Locals of Pavones

Director: Lorena Montenegro

Runtime: 33:14

Hidden in the southern tip of Costa Rica, in a dense rainforest that is home to one of the world’s greatest biodiversity, Pavones has remained for years as a stronghold of the most adventurous travelers.
But this quiet fishing village sees its tranquility shaken when the swell brings waves more than 1 kilometer long. The perfection of this majestic left, which aligns the encounter between jungle and sea, moves the local economy and has already shaped countless talents in the water. Reflecting the strong environmental awareness that makes Costa Rica a model country in sustainability, the lightness of the Pura Vida way of living in harmony with nature dictates the rhythm of the documentary.


Director: Michel Garcia

Runtime: 17:00

I had the chance of being called by Thibault Manson (Young pro-surfer from France) to take part in his new project together with Nixon and Vissla to find out which dream to pursue… Between studies and full-time free-surfing especially big waves. I could witness this journey from the very beginning. From the selection of the destination, the necessity of sharing the experience with his childhood friend Cornelius Accoh, a locally well-known big wave surfer in Basque Country, and live this new adventure in Ireland. An sport event that rapidly turned out to a more human experience where fears, deception and happy times were taking place in the chase of the big waves…


Director: Tyler Dunham, Brendan Calder 

Runtime: 14:13

At the age of 12, Giovanni Douresseau’s life consisted of the eight blocks of guns, gangs and violence surrounding his home in South Central Los Angeles. After being exposed to surfing during a youth summer program, he fell in love with the sport and met a mentor who helped him completely move past his rough upbringing. Ten years later, Giovanni is committed to sharing the life-altering gift of surfing that was given to him when he needed it most.

Sea Salt Wind

Directors: Zack Fox

Runtime: 28:26

Sea Salt Wind tells the story of a mysterious young lady riding around a landlocked city on a bike with a surfboard. She is serving a self made penance, while working in a food truck with a father figure, after her passionate romance went wrong.

The Armstrongs

Director: Arthur Neumeier

Runtime: 12:35

The Armstrongs – a short film documenting a South African surfing family that lives a life not many would deem conventional. Ian (46), a provider, shaper, former Big Wave World Champion and above all else, a father, along with his wife Lee (45) and their 8 children and 1 grandson redefine ‘what is normal’ and challenge the perspective of modern family values. The Armstrongs share strong bonds with each other and the ocean; making a point of placing well being, unity, love and a genuine connection with nature above financial gain and status. This is their story.

Tofino is a Place

Directors: Ryan Struck

Runtime: 4:30

The women’s surf community in Tofino is a unique as British Columbia is remote. The annual all female surf contest Queen of the Peak was started by women and is a testament to the grit and determination of the women who live there.