And Two If by Sea


Director: Justin Purser

103 minutes // USA

Coming from nothing, the Hobgood’s twin-tinted brotherly antagonism pushed them to becoming two of the most iconic pros on the planet.  This cinematic tale of fate, destiny, and family by director Justin Purser is just as much about being human and struggling with relationships as it is about surfing. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of archival hi-lites, including a great cameo by NC’s Ben Bourgeois at the end of CJ’s 2001 ASP Title run.

Belles of the Swells

Director: Mary Piller

5 minutes

A women’s longboard surfing sampler. This soothing short needs no words. Some smooth sounds and a few visual tricks make this sweet vid an easy ride.

Board Shop

Director: Patrick Smith

2 minutes

Hundreds of Skateboards, Snowboards, and Surfboards are choreographed at 24 boards per second into an ebullient montage of flickering imagery.


Director: Logan Marshall

46 minutes

Teen filmmaker, Logan Marshall, spent several months, after graduating high school early, filming the best surfers in the world. This movie highlights the best talent on the East Coast and in America as well as features the world’s greatest for men and women surfing.

Instant Surf

Director: Adam Bell

5 minutes

Matt Smith has been shooting Polaroids for over a decade, capturing the coastal landscape that surrounds him — and inspires him. Smith’s photographs have a romantic simplicity that seems specific to instant photography but also to the luck of the lonely surfer hunting for a nice break. Using expired film and an impressive arsenal of vintage cameras, Smith scrambles along the shore in the hopes of capturing that special moment. And he often does.

Introducing the Super Stoked Surf Mamas of Pleasure Point



Elizabeth Pepin Silva, Paul Ferraris

20 minutes

Through surfing and a love for the ocean, the five women become friends. So when they all become pregnant around the same time, it is natural that the women turn to each other for support and encouragement. This charming featurette is a story about friendship, pregnancy and surfing. Mayra Aguilar, Jenny Bennett, Grace Gooch, Ashley Lloyd and Katie Loggins are a group of surfers who live near Pleasure Point, a world-class surf spot in Santa Cruz, California.


Director: Lizzie Bankowski

10 minutes

Virginia Beach: a fishing town with an import problem. As land is developed and seafood is imported, three watermen face the threat of being pushed out of the river they have called home for decades. An important doc from UNCW film studies grad Lizzie Bankowski uncovers the complex issues faced by today’s watermen.



Director: Sean Santiago

12 and 1/2 minutes

Featuring the likes of Sam Hammer, Clay Pollioni, Seth Conboy, Thomas Ihnken, Conor Willem, Pat Schmidt, Sean Brewer, Andrew Gesler, Brendan Tighe, Mark Gilmartin, Simon Hetrick & many more, NJ TRNST documents a year of New Jersey surfing and captures the smooth spirit of a few of the great humans from within our community.

Of the Sea


Director: Jordyn Romero

12 minutes

Of the Sea dives deep into the heart of environmentalist and designer Katherine Terrell as she continues to make positive change in her new lifestyle. Living in a generation plagued by climate change, Katherine started her company, Jeux De Vagues, in 2017 not to simply make money, but to have a voice. A voice that could call people to action.

Relatable Form

A Film by: James Clower And The Dwyer Brothers

10 minutes

A study of hand made craft with water and nature between friends and other craftsman from across the globe.

Riding Wrightsville

Director: Amy Hicks

8 minutes

A short documentary about surf culture in Wilmington as told by some of the entrepreneurs who have made an impact on it.

Sand to Stone


Director: Anthony Leone 

11 minutes

Bodyboarding in North Carolina and Puerto Rico



Andrew Daughters, Timothy Goode

9 Minutes

Zach’s passion for surfing motivates him to shape quality surfboards for his friends.



Director: Alexandre Ribas

20 minutes

Simagere means spirit of life. Bruno Santos, one of the best tube riders in the world and his family moved to Indonesia looking foward to find exactly this. After making Bali as a new home, there were invited to spend some time at a surf resort located in the middle of one of the best places to surf perfect waves in the world and having the preserved nature surrounding them. An example of courage leaving behind the safe and normal life in a big city, and taking the risk to try a new life in a completely new world.

Surf Girls Jamaica


Directors: Lucy Jane, Joya Berrow

15 minutes

Imani Wilmot is a role model to a community of Afro Caribbean surfers in Jamaica and beyond. She is using surfing as a tool to transform the lives of many Jamaican woman.   Imani has taken it as her personal responsibility to empower women of colour to have access to surfing and to see a place for themselves within the global surf industry.


Director: Alena Ehrenbold

15 minutes

In a world in which consumer society is setting an ever-accelerating pace, a young French shaper faces the challenge of staying true to his own rhythm in life. TAN is a new film about shaper, surfer and environmentalist Robin Goffinet by Surfalorus award winner Alena Ehrenbold. Plenty of breathtaking landscapes and stylish surfing make this doc and inspiring look at surfboard crafting.

Taking Shape


Director: Stephanie Logan Hall

1 minutes

Josh Peterson effortlessly molds this place called Outer Banks into a tangible confectionary object…a trusty twin fin fish. Using the most important tools, his hands, Josh pulls inspiration from past mentors (Dave Rohde) and from this slice of life where land meets sky to skillfully build otherworldly wave riding vehicles. This surfboard was shaped for local OBX rider Christaan Van Vliet.

The Escape



Drew Doggett, Lily Fierman

Cinematographer: Tay Steele

3 minutes

For Hawaiian pro surfer Alana Blanchard, surfing is not just a sport. For her, it is about being transported to that moment where time stands still and staying present is the only option. A poetic and rhythmic dance with water and waves.

Various Trails

Director: Chris Hannant

10 minutes

The latest from Swell Productions and Surfalorus alumni Chris Hannant.