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Thursday, September 21 • Jennette’s Pier, Nags Head

PetersPeelersPeter’s Peelers

Director: Chris Hannant

2:48 // When Chris was shooting a short surf film in Mainland Mexico for Rip Curl, he ended up absolutely scoring a few spots with a rare, perfect swell direction. One wave in particular ended up blowing up with a cast of pros including Mick Fanning, Dane Reynolds, and Shane Dorian. After he cut his film, he made a second short edit showcasing them. My friends and I always make sarcastic names for waves back home, so to protect the already dwindling secrecy of this spot I gave it the alias “Peter’s Peelers”.

LifeRollsOnLife Rolls On: Back to the Water

Director: Tony Morin

3:48 //  Life Rolls On, an incredible program that helps people with disabilities that normally would not be able to enjoy the beach, get out into the ocean and go surfing! Hendy Street Produxions had the honor to hit the beach with these amazing participants and volunteers and document a beautiful day on the water.


MomentumGenerationMomentum Generation

Director: Jeff and Michael Zimbalist

105:00 // In the late ’80s, surfing was still in the early stages of its ascent to broad popularity and entrenched professionalization. On the north shore of O’ahu, a ragtag group of teenage surfers congregated in a small house with easy access to the infamous surfing spot known as the Pipeline. Some, having already built careers surfing smaller waves in Florida and California, were there to prove themselves against the best surfers in Hawaii, while others were young locals looking for a group of guys to surf with—and all sought a community of people on whom they could depend, in ways they never found in their own volatile home lives. This younger generation, living together like canned sardines, would go on to become the most influential contingent of athletes the sport had seen. They were the Momentum Generation, and they brought surfing to unprecedented heights. Through a combination of archival footage and interviews with this legendary crew, including surfers Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Kalani Robb, Taylor Steele, and Pat O’Connell, Momentum Generation directors Jeff and Michael Zimbalist transport audiences to the moment when this microcosm of a sport catalyzed a seismic shift—the moment when a group of guys, fueled in equal measure by camaraderie and competition, broke records, won world titles, and redefined a sport forever.

Friday, September 22 • Dare County Arts Council, Manteo

El-PortoEl Porto Surf

Director: Marci Klein

1:43 // A collection of drone footage shot in Manhattan Beach by an Emmy-winning reality TV director turned web content producer.




Director: Jess Lowcher

2:54 // A tribute to New Zealand and to celebrate one girl’s attempt at pursuing curiosity and creating a life which is uniquely her own.




ForgivingPipelineForgiving Pipeline: The Amber Mozo Story

Director: Tay Steele

5:20 // Amber Mozo is a 22-year-old photographer born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu. As the daughter of legendary surf photographer Jon Mozo, a former fixture in the lineups along the famed North Shore, Amber was raised with a love for both the ocean and photography. Jon Mozo passed away while shooting photos in the water at Pipeline — he was 33 years old. Amber was only 9. Soon after her father’s passing, Amber picked up a camera and her photographic journey began. While photography has taken Amber all around the world, shooting some of the most beautiful known surf breaks, until this winter, she hadn’t yet swam out into the lineup that stole her father’s life — Pipeline. This winter, however, under the tutelage of fellow North Shore surf photographer, Zak Noyle, Amber swam into the Pipeline lineup for the very first time during the 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro.

NtandoNtando, the journey

Director: Simon Cotter

5:37 //  Ntando has had a journey longer than most his age. Growing up on the streets of Durban, South Africa, this video tracks the beginnings of his journey into his new chapter. In association with Surfers Not Street Children.



NorthSeaHolesNorth Sea Holes

Director: Lewis Arnold, Chris McClean

6:30 // Sandy Kerr has stayed close to the house he was born into during his few years on this planet to surf the waves on his doorstep that in hushed tones, some might say are the best in Europe. He embodies British surfing in a way few can, his mantelpiece might not be bowing from the weight of trophies it holds but the amount of snapped boards in the garage tell their own story.

WayofLifeWay of Life

Director: Blaze Hunter

10:00 // What defines the greatness of Men? Is it just the results you get? Or the commitment to pursuit your dreams? Why some people are afraid of the ocean while others can’t live without dropping 40 feet waves? This short documentary follows the story of João de Macedo, an underdog big wave surfer who tries to run the world tour without a major sponsor. Filmed over the last 6 months in some of the most iconic big wave surf spots around the world.

TheAgaveGunThe Agave Gun

Director: Ross Haines

10:04 // Gary Linden is one of the few remaining masters of his craft, still shaping surfboards by hand. At 68, he still experiments with untested materials, like the wood from agave plants. The film takes us through the growth cycle of the agave, the shaping of a board, and the joy of the end product.


A-Onda-De-Pedra-DAguaA Onda de Pedra D’agua – The Cornerstone Wave

Director: Caio Antunes, Laurent Refalo

14:00 // This short documentary tells the history behind the discovery of Cepilho’s Wave in the Village of Trindade, close to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on the Brazilian Coast. This region has great waves and is known as the place where talents such as Filipe Toledo and Wigolly Dantas started to shape their surfing. The story is told by the first group of surfers that searched for and found this wave in the early 70’s. Featuring archival footage from those surfers, this documentary explores the memories and good vibes of those original surfers.


ChapatiSurfersThe Chapati Surfers

Director: Luke Williams

24:02 // The Wilmington, NC surf charity, Indo Jax Surf Charities in conjunction with Home of Hope India started a yearly surf camp for a girls orphanage in Kochi, India. This year the charity brings its surf team to give gifts, bond, and of course surf.


CantStealOurVibesCan’t Steal Our Vibe

Director: Graham Nash

33:39 // This film follows a grassroots initiative unifying two cultures worlds apart through a common love of wave riding. In 2017, professional surfers, Pat, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas along with Michael February, hosted a surfboard drive to benefit an organization in Cape Town, South Africa called Waves For Change. Their goal was to provide surf equipment for the youngsters coming out of the poorest townships and provide a positive outlet for them to overcome such adversities as poverty, violence and abuse. Tag along on an adventure from San Clemente to Cape Town as they immerse themselves into the colorful culture of South Africa and help to inspire the next generation of young surfers. The goal of the film is to see first-hand the challenges these young kids face, not only as surfers, but also in their respective lives in the townships surrounding Cape Town.

SisterhoodByTheSeaSisterhood By The Sea

Director: Leah Dawson

21:55 // The story of a group of underprivileged teenage girls in the Afro-Caribbean community of Old Bank on the Basimentos island of the Bocas Del Toro archipelago in Panama, who were introduced to the gifts that the ocean offers through the Women’s Outreach Mentorship Program (WOMP). WOMP is funded by Changing Tides Foundation and administered with local non-profit, Give and Surf. The film documents the Changing Tides Foundation’s trip to meet with the girls and participate in the WOMP program and share their stoke for the ocean. Together with the program’s leaders, Zuli and Jaz, we spent 5 unforgettable days with the WOMP girls.


Saturday, September 23 • Outer Banks Brewing Station, Kill Devil Hills


Blue-RoadBlue Road

Director: Alena Ehrenbold

45:00 // Searching the answers to questions of life, three surfers Annabel, Rachel and Alena embark on a lifetime adventure to Hawaii – the birthplace of surfing. Blue Road tells the story of Rachel, an Australian surfer who decided to follow her family roots and to live surrounded by mountains despite her passion for surfing. The story of Annabel, a French girl who gave up her professional surfing career and the traveling that comes with it, to return to her cold, silent home in the north of France to follow another passion – drawing. And Alena’s story, who grew up in a landlocked country, but chose to leave her home and her job to dedicate her life to the ocean. But did they make the right choice? Blue Road is a movie about the pursuit of happiness and poses the question, which role passion should play in life? Through the different lives of the three protagonists and their common adventure this documentary offers an authentic vision of women’s surfing today!


Director: Logan Marshall

55:50 // This is a movie about surfing on the Outer Banks across all ages of surfers and all of the islands that make up the Outer Banks. From teenage pro, Bo Raynor to gnarly Brett Barley and East Coast icon, Jesse Hines, you will see some incredible surfing. Showing the true story of what has happened through our history on the Outer Banks, creating an emotional, inspirational, high energy, cinematic masterpiece.