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Thursday, September 21

pearshapedPear Shaped

Director: Lauren Hill

5:57 // Surfing tends to take itself pretty seriously, and women’s surfing carries the extra burden of not only having to be serious, but also be sexy.
Watch as Sanuk surfy sea scribe, Lauren Hill, pokes fun at all that with a little absurdity from the everyday realities of being a woman in the water…
“Pear Shaped” is a tip of the cap to the people who shrug off the unique challenges of surfing and choose to go anyway.


Director: Jake Hart

2:43 // Filmed in Manasquan, New Jersey, and Wilmington, North Carolina, “Squan” is a peep into the darkness of Winter on the East Coast.




Director: Logan Marshall

29:59 // Limitless is a story about surfing across generations on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A story of how surfing has changed In the opinions of: Nathan Greenlee, a twenty-year-old student at East Carolina University; Jesse Hines, a thirty-seven-year-old professional surfer; and Lynn Shell, a sixty-two-year-old surf board shaper and surf shop owner.


Take-Every-WaveTake Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton

Director: Rory Kennedy

115:00 // TAKE EVERY WAVE: The Life of Laird Hamilton tracks the remarkable life and legendary career of big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. Much admired by the public, though often disdained or ignored by the surf industry itself, Laird is a unique sports icon—an athlete who has refused to compete professionally yet has dominated big wave surfing as no other figure in history has ever done.

Friday, September 22


Director: Jake Hart

2:29 //  A short film showcasing the joy of small & glassy east coast waves- A beautiful morning just off the coast of Wrightsville Beach.




Director: Russ Roe

4:27 // If you owned this beautiful orange VHS, you get it. This surf clip is an ode the to 2000 Joe Castrucci skate video Photosynthesis. After leaving behind the cold water barrels of the Jersey Shore’s post-Sandy wonderland Sam Hammer and Mike Gleason find and overload of Vida traveling around Central America for two weeks.



Director: Chris Hannant

4:07 //  Maranasati – The Buddhist practice of mindfulness of death. On June 12, 2016 my brother passed away. He had just turned 27. This was my first experience with the death of someone close to me and the following months were filled with pain, confusion, regret and fascination. That winter I reflected heavily while traversing the Indonesian archipelago with a friend. I found solace in the ocean, and the geographical distance from home allowed my thoughts a certain clarity. The narrative excerpts are from a talk given by Eugene Cash entitled “Dying and Awakening” that resonated deeply with me. You can hear the full talk here:

Winter-in-BloomWinter in Bloom

Director: Russ Roe

3:38 // Surfers: Balaram Stack, Salvatore Martelli, Pat Schmidt, Brendan Tighe, Andrew Gesler, Tom Ihnken, and Sam Hammer. #winterinbloom #coldwaterporn #lifesbestina5mil



protecting-the-atlanticProtecting the Atlantic

Director: Chris Hannant

6:34 // Last year, Surfrider Foundation and their partners successfully stopped the federal government’s plans for offshore drilling and related seismic blasting off the Atlantic coast. However, the Trump Administration and Congress are expected to again propose offshore drilling in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Arctic.


If-I-Can-SurfIf I Can Surf…

Director: Luke Williams

22:04 // This short documentary is a look into Indo Jax Surf Charities. A Wilmington based charity that teaches kids with autism, hearing impairment, and other conditions and situations how to surf.



Fish-PeopleFish People

Director: Keith Malloy

48:41 // To some, the ocean is a fearsome and dangerous place. But to others, it’s a limitless world of fun, freedom and opportunity where life can be lived to the full. A documentary presented by Patagonia and directed by Keith Malloy, Fishpeople tells the stories of a unique cast of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea. From surfers and spearfishers to a long-distance swimmer, a former coal miner and a group of at-risk kids on the streets of San Francisco, it’s a film about the transformative effects of time spent in the ocean—and leaving behind our limitations to find deeper meaning in the saltwater wilderness that lies just beyond the shore.

Saturday, September 23

Sea-LoneSea | Lone

Director: Luca Merli

6:41 // We went wandering in Sri Lanka with stylish Seea babes Lola Mignot, Karina Rozunko, Sierra Lerback and Luki O’Keefe, we lived boundless and free, open hearted and with an open mind to the new world. Water of the Indian Ocean has been our primordial element healing all wounds and creating a magical and beneficial effects.


Under-an-Arctic-SkyUnder an Arctic Sky

Director: Chris Burkhard

39:00 // Six surfers set sail along the frozen shores of Iceland, knowing that the worst storm to hit the country in twenty-five years is about to arrive. Enduring constant darkness and stormy seas, they discover perfect waves and make history by surfing under the northern lights.


david-churchThe Church of the Open Sky

Director: Nathan Oldfield

54:35 // The Church of the Open Sky is a luscious visual love poem that explores gratefully lived surfing journeys. It is a sea soaked celebration of the exquisite preciousness of being alive. This film is an inspired and endearing representation of the surfing experience, where all participants are worthy and welcomed – to learn, play and grow together – in inclusive, sacred playgrounds beneath The Church of the Open Sky.