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Surfalorus Selections 2016


SoutheasternNCSurfingSoutheastern NC Surfing

Director: John Burkett

35:00 // The pulse, surf, and stories form the people who live and surf coastal southeastern North Carolina. 






Director: Luca Meril

8:34 // Leah Dawson expresses her art — surfing, shaping and music — in the unique landscape of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.




The More Things ChangeThe More Things Change

Director: Nathan Myers

26:32 // Gerry Lopez first surfed Uluwatu in 1974. The fabled Balinese wave was pristine, magical, and Hey Jed yoga, however, Gerry tapped into a spirit of place that will endure.




Yeti Presents-Malloy BrosThe Malloy Brothers

Director: YETI Presents

5:47 // Following in the footsteps of their father, the Malloy brothers have been blazing trails off the beaten path since before they knew how to stand up on a surfboard. Their love of adventure has brought them to remote beaches all over the globe, earned them spots at the top of the competitive surfing world, and fueled their endless exploration.



Pipe DreamsPipe Dreams

Director: Steven Tiralongo

4:08 // Due to a powerful El Niño weather cycle, winter 2015/2016 proved to be one of the most fruitful years on record for North Shore surfing. Pipe Dreams is chock full of high definition drone videos capturing the worlds best surfers taking on Banzai Pipeline.



NASASAThe Adventures of NASASA

Director: Ian Lewis

11:41 // Combining retro 8 mm surf film and 16 mm footage shot by astronauts on NASA’s Apollo missions, The Adventures of NASASA (the National Aeronautic Space And Surfing Administration) follows a crew of cosmonauts as they search distant solar systems for water-covered worlds. Because where there is water, there is…surf! Soundtrack by the Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet.



Salt BoysSalt Boys

Director: Lorena Montenegro

9:31 // 3 boys that are used to splitting one broken surfboard show their love for the ocean even when the conditions are not perfect. Part of a social project that brought this little village in Northeast Brazil 10 donated surfboards and accessories for the kids, the short movie Salt Boys shows how surfing can really change these kids’ lives in a wonderful way.



415Plumber@415Plumber’s #OB_Plastic Obsession

Director: Jeff den Broeder

6:23 // A silent monstrosity has taken up residence at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. It’s hard to imagine that in a city of about 800,000 souls the vast majority choose to turn a blind eye to the atrocity when they visit this fabled, wild and dangerous stretch of coastline. Aaron Hazelwood, plumber, skater, and plastic hater, just may be this monster’s closest companion and biggest foe.



TheZoneThe Zone

Director: Jack Coleman

52:00 // Welcome to an alternate surfing dimension. One where creativity and imagination are boundless, and the vicissitudes of life pale in comparison to the utter joy of experiencing the moment. Where surfers entwine with their environment, to create, and express themselves, in a place called THE ZONE.




Director: Kristen Dunn
2:51 // ApeShapes is an original Freesoul Projects Film about April Newman, a woman with courage to carve her own path and go beyond the norm. April Newman started her own surfboard shaping company called ApeShapes when she became curious about how to shape a wooden board. She then transitioned into shaping boards out of different materials and foam. April brings more than just a surfboard to the shaping table. With her eye for color and 70′s style shaping, she is able to bring so much life into her surfboards!



 JunkinPublicJunk in Public – H20 Trash Patrol

Director: Tate MacDowell

9:31 // Paddle along as H2O Trash Patrol travels deep into the hidden corners and otherwise unreachable waterways of San Diego County. In Junk in Public, a husband and wife team of passionate surfers, Lorenzo and Patti Diaz, feeling a personal call to duty, lead environmental vigilantes far beyond the sunny beaches where most clean ups begin and end. Watch how in 2015 alone they prevented more than 5,900 lbs of junk from reaching the ocean.



Director: Andrew Kaineder

4:00 // Daylight wanes as sky becomes heavy. Isobars compress and warp; cross-sectioned onions on the nightly news. The coast awakens, transformed from the doldrums of summer. Warmth; a flickering memory, like those drawn upon for favorable conditions at half-forgotten spots. The ocean roars, resuming it’s age-old attack on the coastline in a relentless barrage of storm fronts. And so the hunt begins, chasing the nooks hidden from wind and seas.  A collections of moments captured along the way. Mar.


the wildThe WILD

Director: Aaron Lieber

6:30 // Journey into ‘The WILD’. Lieber entrances us with his spellbinding short film about reflection, awareness and oneness with nature, while simultaneously exposing the human desire to conquer it. Step through the looking glass with Noah Beschen into a hidden world where he defies time and gravity on the waves. The WILD is fearless, confident and full of imagination.



light therapyLight Therapy

Director: Riley Blakeway

4:08 // Filmed on location in New Zealand and Australia, ‘Light Therapy’ was shot with the intention of utilising only available light within the hours of dawn and dusk, over a month spent with surfers Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius and Nate Tyler.




seal sessionsSeal Sessions

Director: Skylar Wilson

3:25 // El Niño brought some serious swell to Orange County in early January. Seal Beach was one of many breaks that turned on, bringing some insane waves and even more insane bails. These clips are from the early mornings of Jan 8-17, 2016.




austin keenAustin Keen Wakesurf

Director: Skylar Wilson

1:25 // Austin Keen sneaking in a quick wakesurf session on a gloomy day in San Diego.





man and the seaThe Man & The Sea

Director: Andrew Kaineder

3:10 // Free one’s board from fins, and free one’s self – the philosophy of one of Australia’s great authentic surfers. Presenting a stripped back portrait of Derek Hynd, shot in Winter of 2015, over 2 weeks at Jeffrey’s Bay.




creators leah dawsonCreators: Leah Dawson

Director: Zach Wesiberg

11:01 // Part of The Inertia’s profile series featuring individuals who make inspiring and innovative contributions to ocean and outdoor culture.




com amor yagoCom Amor, Yago

Director: Gabriel Novis

11:01 // At the age of 19, Yago Dora is one of the most prominent surfers in Brazil, but moved to California with his family in the hopes of a more comfortable lifestyle. He surfs and wonders what dreams are made of. Young Brazilian director Gabriel Novis joined Yago for a few days of adventure in Venice Beach – CA and learned that love is all you need to harness the power of your mind and create the life you want.


DarkWavesDark Waves

Director: Sven Dreesbach

3:59 // Robot Koch’s track “Dark Waves” from his new album Hypermoment was a a dream turned into reality. 





joy of surfingThe Joy of Surfing

Director: Simon Cotter

4:30 // A short documentary on what surfing and the ocean means to different surfers. Featuring Bude surfers Reubyn and Joss Ash, Bing surfboard shaper Matt Calvani, surfers Mick Rodgers and Troy Mothershead, with a cameo appearance from the legendary Joel Tudor and his son Tosh Tudor. The film also features charity Life Works, who do amazing work with disabled children.



it aint pretty

It Ain’t Pretty

Director: Dayla Soul

69:03 // A film about the women who surf San Francisco’s Ocean Beach as well as a movement that has women forging new tides in Women’s Big wave Surfing. Surfing in the Bay Area is not the sunny, bikini-babe lifestyle that is portrayed in the media. It is cold, foggy, heavy and in the Red Triangle, the natural habitat for great white sharks. On any given day a female surfer headed out to surf Ocean Beach will usually find that she is the only woman in sight.



Director: Reno-Oner Champ

5:54 // A portrait of Danny Sepkowski, Water Photographer.





surf n turfSurf N Turf

Director: Kaleu Wildner

RT: 19:21





forbidden trimForbidden Trim

Director: George Trimm

76:00 // A special forces commando is chosen to go on a perilous mission, deep behind enemy lines. Kilroy is sent on a clandestine operation to uncover the mysteries of the Caldera Network. This mission thrusts Kilroy into a mystic and savage journey into the heart of the unknown. Join Kilroy as he battles ferocious beasts, ethereal gurus, and forbidding landscapes, using a group of surfers as cover to infiltrate and exact his revenge on the criminal thugs.



beauty and chaosBeauty & Chaos

Director: James Skerritt

7:00 // A surf film following Irish surfer Conor Maguire as he travels through the monsoon soaked colours of India and the lush landscapes of Indonesia. Documenting the places and faces he meets along the way. Surfers include Conor Maguire, Tom Gillespie, Kepa Acero and Aritz Aranburu. 





Director: Russ Roe

4:17 // 31 barrels captured over the Winter of 2016 in case you don’t feel like counting.





psychic vibrationsPsychic Migrations

Director: Ryan Thomas

59:00 // Psychic Migrations, directed by Ryan Thomas, seamlessly weaves the physical expression of riding a rousing score of waves with a cerebral odyssey through the scapes and textures travelled to find them in the West Indies, East Indies, Australia, Polynesia, and Central and South America.



cold outsideCold Outside: Surfing Winter Storm Jonas

Director: Jacob Laham

4:20 // Shane Burn, Dylan Kowalski, and Evan Barton make the journey North to the Outer Banks, a barrier island off of North Carolina. After stumbling across an abandoned peak along the stretch of Highway 12, the men suited up for the frigid session. As Winter Storm Jonas rolled through the East Coast, the men traded off on sets packing barrel for barrel.



taking shapeTaking Shape

Director: Mike Guest

15:52 // In life, the best things are almost always the simple things. Surfing, in its essence, is simple. Much like music. Born for fun,pure enjoyment and intrinsically connect by those that love both. This film is an exploration of the link between music and surfing, through creating something new and sharing it with friends.



bruhwiler countryBruhwiler Country

Director: YETI Presents

7:00 // A film featuring Canadian big-wave riders the Bruhwiler Brothers.






Director: Chris Hannant

5:34 // It was once that they were seeking warmer climates…but in the fall of 2015 three friends took a surf trip to Iceland.






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Surfalorus Selections 2015

Beyond-the-Surface-250-x-250Beyond the Surface

Director: Crystal Thornburg-Homcy and Dave Homcy

Starring: Ishita Malaviya

Running Time: 46:00

Set against the rich hues of India, BEYOND THE SURFACE follows Ishita Malaviya, India’s first female surfer, and fellow wave riders Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Liz Clark, Lauren Hill, Emi Koch, and Kate Baldwin. While on their journey through southern India, the women surfers and the people they meet share experiences and stories related to surfing, yoga, and ecological awareness, resulting in mutual feelings of hope, a fuel for change, and the empowerment of women. Highlighted by the undeniable power of surfing, Malaviya and her group of talented women search for the perfect waves as they forge with the people of India and unshakable determination to make the world a better place.


Binny-Road-250x250Binny Road

Director: Miles Kredich

Running Time: 25:23






Brianna-Cope-250x250Brianna Cope

Director: Keith Ketchum

Starring: Brianna Cope

Running Time: 3:28

A sun-soaked portrait of Brianna Cope, a professional surfer from Kauai currently ranked 15th in the world.




Director: Michael Betancourt

Running Time: 2:00

A glitched movie about the romance of piracy. A “corsair” (sometimes referred to as a buccaneer or pirate) is a privateer who was authorized by the French government to attack foreign vessels operating along the southern coast of the Mediterranean during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.



delwebDelbert’s Metamorphosis

Director: Nic McLean

Starring: Delbert Melton

Running Time: 17:00

A lost gem of local surf legend Delbert Melton from the 1997 Tight Productions company. Featuring classic surf footage and rarely seen interviews with the legend himself, it highlights his idealistic view of repurposing materials washed ashore on the Outer Banks while pressured by local officials to clean up his yard or have it bulldozed. Also featuring interviews with other locals such as Steve Pauls, Bill Hume Sr. and Mickey McCarthey.

elchino250x250El Chino

Director: Max Esposito

Starring: Jonathan Wong

Running Time: 12:15

El Chino is the story of Jon “Chino” Wong, a New England native expected grow up and take over his family’s business, Boston’s oldest Chinatown grocery store. After years of stacking boxes in a dank basement, making deliveries around New England, and cutting the heads off fish, El Chino decides to change course and pursue a seemingly unrelated and unstable career path – making surfboards.


Family,-Fishing-&-Fun-photo-still-300dpiFamily, Fishing & Fun at Jennette’s Pier

Director: Blaire Johnson

Running Time: 4:03

Did you know that the NC Aquariums offer fun summertime camps, including SUPing, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, crabbing and ghost crab hunting? Green Hope Productions was contacted by the NC Aquariums to do some filming for their new websites. This short film is strung together from one super fun day of filming some of the awesome summertime activities offered by Jennette’s Pier.


indo250x250From Indo, with Love

Director: Chris Hannant

Starring: Chris and friends

Running Time: 5:41

Chris and compadres adventure through India’s oceans, nightlife, and nature.




webMy Home, Our Home

Director: Chris Hannant

Starring: Christian Moutinho, Leah Oke, Keegan Varney, Mick Fanning, Dane Reynolds, Shane Dorian, Alex Gray

Running Time: 8:21

On a trip to Mainland Mexico, director Chris Hannant chases surfers Christian Moutinho and friends around to film their journey. What he thought would be a simple short for the internet has now become an introduction and inspiration for a much bigger and deeper project: The Water’s Edge Project.



Director: Chris Hannant

Running Time: 9:10

A short film about a long, northbound road trip for surf.




webPalmetto Bug

Director: Shane Moore

Starring: Mike Rowe, Thomas Bruce

Running Time: 1:49

Mike Rowe introduces the Palmetto Bug, the perfect board for small summer days and gutless surf.



surf-girls-3spin, drift.

Director: Bryan Harvey

Running Time: 3:17

A visual poem set in the Outer Banks reveling in the beauty of life and how to live it.



DWncKaxG8XsPAAAAAElFTkSuQmCCThe Brothers Carvalho

Director: Keith Ketchum

Starring: Nathan and Roy Carvalho

Running Time: 3:13

Meet Roy & Nate Carvalho, brothers from the island of Kauai that have both won Nationals in their lives. After director Keith Ketchum had a chance to surf with the brothers a few times, he was itching to film their moves.  Just a little glance of a couple of days from afternoon to sunset with these fellas.


webThe Wave I Ride

Director: Devyn Bisson

Starring: Paige Alms

Running Time: 69:00

Dive into the life of Paige Alms, female surfer and Maui big wave ambassador. Director Devyn Bisson was inspired to tell Paige’s story after reading SURFER Magazine’s coverage of female big wave surfers, who are so rare “you can count the number on your hands”.


webWinter Waves in Carolina

Director: Timothy Blackwood

Running Time: 2:56

One January, 5 friends paddled out in the ice waters of North Carolina. Set to ‘Heart Skipped A Beat’ by the XX.